Rough diamonds HPHT

Syntechno produces monocrystals using advanced HPHT technology of impeccable quality with controlled characteristics.
Synthetic diamonds produced by advanced HPHT technology with an ideal structure, low levels of dislocations and uncontrolled impurities, as well as constant quality, thanks to a unique technology to control the growth of diamond crystal morphology.

We produce spilled diamonds: colorless (type IIa) and blue (type IIb) and yellow diamonds of class 1C, size up to 8 mm, weight up to 7 carat, optical transparency 225nm – 25 microns, thermal conductivity (up to 2200W / mK), hardness (at least 105GPa), at a price 30% cheaper than the average market.


We are always interested in expanding our partner network, and if you are interested in individual projects based on our advanced technologies for growing nitrogen-free diamond single crystals according to the highest quality standards, surpassing natural diamonds in size and characteristics, you can always contact us about the possibility of partnership and collaboration.

how we create our diamonds?

The process of creating a natural and synthetic diamond is extremely similar – only one occurs naturally, and the other occurs in the laboratory. We make science simple and want to share with you our innovative and advanced HPHT synthetic diamond technology.

Our diamonds

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