Diamond Anvil HPHT

Diamond anvil- anvils from synthetic diamond grown by HPHT technology
Due to the exceptional hardness and flawless characteristics of the diamond anvil produced by HPHT technology, pressure up to several million atmospheres can be achieved in research, the crystal structure and transparency of diamonds in a wide spectral range allows us to conduct research with a wide range of adjustable parameters. Given the modern methods of heating, diamond anvils have no analogues in the available range of temperatures and pressures.
Synthetic nitrogen-free diamond anvils (type II) without luminescence
We produce smooth and faceted anvils with a site diameter from 2.60 mm to 4.65 mm according to the highest quality standards.
They have exceptional properties and are used by research centers to study various properties of materials under super high pressure up to 100 GPa.
Our diamond anvils are characterized by the absence of defects, inclusions and stresses, low level of dislocations and uncontrolled impurities, which allows to achieve low birefringence and resistance to high pressures, and to achieve greater durability.
We create anvils with different diameters of the working platform or culet (culet).


We are always interested in expanding our partner network, and if you are interested in individual projects based on our advanced technologies for growing nitrogen-free diamond single crystals according to the highest quality standards, surpassing natural diamonds in size and characteristics, you can always contact us about the possibility of partnership and collaboration.

how we create our diamonds?

The process of creating a natural and synthetic diamond is extremely similar – only one occurs naturally, and the other occurs in the laboratory. We make science simple and want to share with you our innovative and advanced HPHT synthetic diamond technology.

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