Diamond scalpels

Microsurgical scalpels with diamond blade
The success of vascular pathology urgery depends on the work of the surgeon on the vessels of the brain, in connection with which the surgeon requires special tools.
So, such requirements as reliability, practicality, lightness are made to the scalpel, but the most important requirement is sharpness sufficient to perform surgical procedures.
However, the sharpness of the sharpening of even the best metal scalpel is initially insufficient, its cutting edge damages the tissue, producing micro-tears of the fibers. As a result, dissection with such a tool of adhesions and tissues becomes traumatic, which is undesirable with microsurgery of arterial aneurysms, as it can provoke non-contact intraoperative rupture and massive bleeding.
Russia has developed a microsurgical scalpel with a diamond blade for neurosurgery, which meets the requirements of modern realities.
The highest quality of sharpening a diamond blade is achieved through the use of thermochemical processing, in which the sharpening of the blade takes place at the atomic level. As a result, when working with a diamond blade, tissue resistance becomes minimal. With a careful treatment of diamond scalpel you can do from 100 to 500 or more operations without additional sharpening.


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