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The use of diamond crystals made  possible universal tunable lasers of a new generation.
A team of researchers from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, has developed a new type of high-performance universal and continuously operating laser based on the Raman effect, in which diamond crystal acts as the working medium. Using this material allows you to get a laser beam of greater power and in a larger range of wavelengths of light than other Raman lasers that currently exist. Due to such outstanding characteristics, these new lasers will undoubtedly find wide application in science, medicine, environmental control equipment and various industries in the near future.

The use of diamond crystals in lasers opens up a world of new possibilities.

To increase the output power of the diamond laser is absolutely not required to increase the size of the working fluid. Ordinary Raman lasers, which exist at the present time, have crystals, 3-6 centimeters long. Using a diamond laser, you can achieve an equivalent beam power of laser light using a diamond crystal that is only 2-6 millimeters long, ” says Dr. Alan Kemp
Scientists from Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia) have developed a new technology for converting the brightness, spectrum and power of laser radiation using diamond of exceptional purity.
Novation today can be used in the military-industrial complex, experimental physics, thermonuclear energy and space communications.
They were able to significantly increase the laser power due to the formation of a single luminous flux of several less intense rays. A key element of the new technology is ultrapure diamond – a unique material whose optical and thermal properties allow control of high power and intensity rays. The optical properties of the crystal allow you to manipulate the light, changing the trajectory of its movement in the right direction. Crossing the axis of convergence of the particle fluxes at the “output” are collected in a single beam of much greater power in comparison with those that were at the “entrance”. New technology enhances the laser, using the optical properties of diamond, which has optimal thermal conductivity. Thus, it easily dissipates any amount of heat energy.


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