Future smartphones  plan to equip with diamond elements

The development of MIPT can make artificial diamonds a familiar component of gadgets, microphones and other electronic devices. The success of the experiment on the use of diamonds as piezoelectric sensors, according to the developers, opens up broad prospects for their use in electronics and acoustics. Hypersensitive sensors, according to the author of the study, will be able to respond even to bacteria if they stick to their surface. The development is based on the piezoelectric effect – the ability of a number of dielectrics to generate electricity in the event of tension or compression. The properties of such elements depend on the speed of propagation of waves in them, the intensity of attenuation, and other parameters that are affected by the chemical composition of the piezoelectric.
Diamonds could be an ideal material due to the ability to pass waves and not to damp a wave, however, due to the lack of a piezoelectric effect, they did not. This problem was managed in MIPT.
Physicists have combined a film of aluminum nitride and diamond chips, thereby obtaining a material with properties and diamond, and a piezoelectric.
Changing the ratio of diamonds to aluminum nitride allows you to create different elements for different tasks – from microphones to pressure sensors.
However, only these devices, which can be oriented, based on preliminary calculations, will not limit the use of “diamond” piezoelectrics. These are IR cameras and tracking cameras, echo sounders, inkjet printer heads and even bearings, in the latter friction is extinguished by vibration. In addition, the piezoelectric effect is used in electronics, including various kinds of gadgets.


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