We recreate the natural environment of diamond growth occurring in the bowels of the earth over millions of years, in laboratory conditions, fully controlling the growth process
The company Synthesis Technology grows and creates real diamonds in its laboratory, which receive certification from leading hematologists and are cut off by the best specialists. Our diamonds are completely identical in their physical, chemical and aesthetic properties to natural diamonds.
Thanks to the advanced HPHT technology, we can create not just a diamond of the best characteristics, size and preferred shape, but also be sure that it is absolutely environmentally friendly for the environment, and created in a conflict-free way.
Diamonds created in the laboratory are classified and certified using the same technology as mined diamonds.
The diamond classification process is the same for all diamond certification laboratories. Each diamond is evaluated independently by several gemologists in the laboratory. Individual assessments are compiled and analyzed to determine the final grade. This process is designed to ensure the impartial quality of each diamond.
Our collection of diamonds created in the laboratory is available up to IF clean, D in color, perfectly cut and up to 10 carats in size. They come in many forms, including round, rose, emerald, cushion, oval, oval rose, heart, princess, trillion, and radiant. Colors include white, yellow, blue, pink and green.
Unlike other retailers, each Synthesis Technology diamond created in the laboratory belongs to type IIa, the purest form of a diamond. They are harder and shiny than type Ia diamonds. Only 2% of the diamonds mined on earth have this quality.
In addition, each diamond is evaluated and certified by the same leading independent gemological laboratories that are used to evaluate diamonds mined on the ground.


We are always interested in expanding our partner network, and if you are interested in individual projects based on our advanced technologies for growing nitrogen-free diamond single crystals according to the highest quality standards, surpassing natural diamonds in size and characteristics, you can always contact us about the possibility of partnership and collaboration.

how we create our diamonds?

The process of creating a natural and synthetic diamond is extremely similar – only one occurs naturally, and the other occurs in the laboratory. We make science simple and want to share with you our innovative and advanced HPHT synthetic diamond technology.

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