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A team of qualified engineers, candidates and doctors of sciences in mechanical engineering, metal forming, polymer physics, materials science, radio engineering, electric power engineering, programming and computer science, with experience in R&D on the development of electronic equipment, navigation equipment, robotics, special materials, measuring devices, modernization of the State primary standards of physical quantities, technical training aids (TTO) of the polygon equipment, including mobile complexes, as well as mobile equipment for the development of the state primary standards of physical quantities.
PhD in Engineering. Member of the Council of Chief Designers for the technical means of training the weapon system of the land component of the general-purpose forces. Author of more than 30 publications. The developer of more than 10 products, both on orders of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation in the field of radio instrumentation on special topics, and on orders of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, including complexes with unmanned aerial vehicles, relocatable modules of automated digital communication systems and a number of special-purpose products in the field of mobile mobile technology. Supervised the development of Robotic Systems in the interests of ROSKOSMOSS. Managed the complex of R&D (more than 20) on creation and modernization of the State primary measurement standards of physical quantities in the field of metrology and development of the state standard base of the Russian Federation.
Vice-President of the Nanotechnology Society of Russia. Candidate of Technical Sciences, PhD. Current Professor at St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. Full member of the International Academy of Sciences of Ecology, Human and Nature Security. Member of the Expert Council of the Nanoindustry Concern. Deputy Chairman of the Council and Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Composite Cluster of St. Petersburg. Field of activity: scientific, technical and production activities in the field of production technology and application of nanodispersed fulleroid systems; research of physical and physicochemical phenomena caused by the introduction of these systems into polymeric and inorganic composite materials; production of special composite alloys, high-performance paint and varnish products and new structural thermal insulation materials for construction, transportation and power engineering. Andrey Ponomarev organized and headed ASTRIN CJSC in 1993. The company was focused on the development and production of high-tech products in the field of chemical current sources and their control systems in integral and hybrid design. In 1994, the company organized a department of carbon clusters and a laboratory of applied research in the field of their application, and since 1995 ASTRIN CJSC began to produce nanodispersed fulleroid materials: low fullerenes C60 and C70, their mixtures, multilayer carbon nanotubes and other types of technical fulleroid nanocarbon. In 1998-99, ASTRIN employees isolated and began to produce new types of nanodispersed fulleroid systems – astralenes. The complex of numerous and diverse R&D activities of the company in the areas of practical use of fullerene materials led to the development of new types of composite polymeric and inorganic materials, to the creation of new technologies, including those for the machine-building complex and construction industry).
Honorary radio operator of the USSR. Developer of 35 state standards on Microelectronics. The industry’s chief designer of microassemblies. Chief specialist of OJSC Avangard. Chief Designer of works: Developer of micro assemblies for air defense, Development and implementation of the Union State program on Microsystems, Development of high-density IVEPs for AFARs, Development of power supply modules for cooling systems of large-sized devices, Development of cores for flat RES transformers and many other works, of which more than 20.
Graduate of the Faculty of Physics of St. Petersburg State University, holds a postgraduate diploma from SPbSU ITMO.Author and co-author of more than 20 publications in significant international scientific journals, author of articles in Russian trade journals in the field of polymer physicochemistry, materials science, computer modeling of physical processes.Researcher and postgraduate student at the Institute of High Molecular Compounds of the Russian Academy of Sciences and SPbSU ITMO. Participant of large international industrial projects in the field of quartz chemistry and processing, project manager of the construction of a plant for the production of sodium and potassium silicate. Deputy Chief Designer in the projects on development of import-substituting ship plastic fittings and on development of composite tank container for transportation of chemically aggressive environments.
Graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SPbSUAP), specializing in Radio Electronic Systems. Graduated from the postgraduate program of SPbSUAP, specialty 15.13.18 – “Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes”. Participated in the development of products, including as chief designer, in more than 10 development works under orders of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, DOGOZ of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation and Rosstandart.
Graduate of St. Petersburg Peter the Great State Polytechnic University with specializations in: “Risk Engineering” and “State and Municipal Management in Information Systems”, completed postgraduate studies in “Technospheric Safety”, author and co-author of more than 15 scientific articles on the topics of diamond mining and explosion technologies.
Laureate of the St. Petersburg Government grant for students, young scientists, young PhDs. Co-applicant of the grant of the Ministry of Education in the field of Technosphere Safety.
He has certificates from the Strascheg Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany in the following areas: International Business Analysis, International Strategic Management, Global Entrepreneurship. He is certified by Google Digital Academy in Digital Marketing.

Management block


Responsible for general administration,
block management. Graduate of the St. Petersburg State Institute of Psychology and Social Work, St. Petersburg. Psychologist. She began her career at the Central Research Institute of Materials (development of special materials and technologies). Has experience in practical management work in various companies and industries, including experience as a general director (Rusmodernization LLC).

Managing Partner, Executive Director: Strategic planning, corporate interaction.

Responsible for international cooperation and development of new directions. Responsible for production, laboratory and research management. Graduate of OPEN Business School, St. Petersburg Higher Command School named after M.V. Lomonosov. S. M. Kirov, and subsequently graduated from the St. Petersburg Institute of Foreign Economic Relations, Economics and Law and the North-Western Academy of Public Administration.” He has impressive experience in creating and managing large engineering companies of JSC Zvezda-Energetika (Deputy General Director), from 2005 to 2014 he headed JSC Dominanta-Energy as President. Has experience in civil service, from 2015 to 2016 Deputy Head of the Administration of the Central District of St. Petersburg, Current Member of the Expert Group, Autonomous non-profit organization “Agency for Strategic Initiatives” for promoting new projects, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board in the “Composite Cluster of St. Petersburg” for implementation and development of the use of composite materials in transport infrastructure, shipbuilding and construction.

Director of operations.

Graduate of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Volga Region State Technological University” with a degree in engineer-manager in the field of quality management. He began his career at Lenenergo. He has extensive experience in the field of synthesis of superhard materials and participation in the development of technologies for cubic presses. Has a certificate of competence in the field of quality management systems according to the GOST R ISO 9001-2015 standard). Meets the requirements for internal auditors.


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