Microwave Technology

Technology platform “Electronics and mechanical engineering”. Section “Microwave Technology”
In the field of electronic materials science:
1.3 Creating a diamond instrument structures.
In the field of electronic microwave components:
2.2 Development and creation of a solid-state element base for generation and detection of terrahertz radiation. 2.4 Development of technology for creating microwave transistors and IIAs based on wide-gap semiconductor materials (GaN, SiC, InP, diamond, graphene), including EHF (60-200 GHz) band.
According to the Technological Platform – prospects for the development of microwave devices, which can be solved using diamond plates:
– improving the stability of parameters during operation when exposed to external factors;
– decrease in overall dimensions;
– expanding the range of operating frequencies.
Member organizations
JSC “NPP” Source “them. Shokina “, FGUP NPP Pulsar, FGUP NPP Almaz, FGUP NPP Salyut, FGUP NPP Tory, Svetlana OJSC, FGUP NIIMA-Progress, leading enterprises of the St. Petersburg Cluster Zavod them. Kozitsky “, FSUE” NIIT “, JSC” MART “and the leading specialized universities – MIREA, MEPI, MIET, Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov Moscow State Technical University. N. Bauman, SPbGETU LETI them. V.I. Ulyanov (Lenin), UNN them. N.I. Lobachevsky, SSU im.NG.Chernyshevskogo, TUSUR, etc. with the participation of relevant organizations of the Russian Academy of Sciences – IUHTPE RAS, IRE them. V.A. Kotelnikov of the Russian Academy of Sciences and its branches Fryazinsky and Saratovsky, IPP SB RAS, IPM RAS
Concern PVO Almaz-Antey, JSC (Almaz-Antey GSKB, OJSC (Moscow), VV Tikhomirov Research Institute of Instrument Making, OJSC (Zhukovsky, Moscow Region), GRPZ FGUP (Ryazan), OJSC SRI “Strela” (Tula), JSC Research Institute “Altair”, JSC “VNIIRT” (Moscow), JSC “NNIIRT” (Nizhny Novgorod), as well as OJSC “KBP” (Tula), JSC “KBM” (Kolomna, Moscow region. ), OJSC TsKBA (Omsk), FSUE “KNIRTI” (Zhukov, Kaluga region), OJSC “Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation”, OJSC GosMKB “Vympel”, OJSC GosMKB “Fakel”, OJSC “Russian Space Systems”, FSUE “Central Research Institute” Comet “
Element base: Monocrystalline diamond plates are a more suitable raw material for the “system on chip”.
The heat-removing substrate instead of single crystals of silicon and gallium arsenide. The alloyed plate (boron or phosphorus) is used as a semiconductor, resistant to radiation and high temperature.
Diamonds are materials for integrated circuits with improved parameters. The use of microwave semiconductor devices based on diamond structures with unique heat-conducting properties and radiation resistance.
Advantages of diamond over GaAs: more bandgap 5.45 eV against 1.42 eV; higher breakdown voltage 10 vs. 0.4 MW / cm; thermal conductivity of 2000 vs. 46 W / m * K (if you remove 13C isotopes from a diamond, then thermal conductivity can be increased to 3000 W / m * K), in a doped diamond there is also a good ratio of electron and hole mobility. In addition, diamond is highly chemically resistant.


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