The expert council of the Industrial Development Fund approved the Synthesis Technology project.

“The amount of loans from the FRP will be about 2 billion rubles, and the total budget for the implementation of projects will exceed 9.5 billion rubles. I emphasize that three of the six approved projects are export-oriented, ”said Roman Petrutsa, director of the Industrial Development Fund.

Synthesis Technology enterprise from the Pskov region approved a loan of 484 million rubles. The company plans to expand production capacities for the synthesis of carbon single crystals from 1 to 12 thousand carats per year. The expansion of production is aimed at import substitution of products from China and India. Single-crystal diamond wafers are widely used in the production of microchips, radiation detectors, monitors, diamond sensors, semiconductors, components for quantum computing, and heat-removing elements. They are also actively used in the electrochemical industry and optical equipment.

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